How To Restyle the Plaid Trend in 2018

The Plaid Jacket was one of the biggest trends of 2017 yet I'm making it work in 2018. Find out how. Don't forget to read, like, comment and share. Enjoy!

One of the major trends of 2017 was the Plaid trend and I’m bringing it back in 2018.

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Welcome to another weekend. I hope we all had a great week? Mine was good and pretty exciting, If you keep up with me via Instagram you’ll defintely have caught up on my weekly activities. Follow me if you aren’t 🙂 You’ll not regret it.

Anyway, in today’s style post, I’m styling a plaid jacket I thrifted sometime in 2017 yet had not gotten the chance to style it properly on the blog.

Plaid is one classic pattern that keeps working it’s way into the fashion scene every season. In fact, it is one of the major patterns worn during the Fall and Winter because it is present in flannel shirts, dresses, scarves and coats.

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The weather is currently warmer (in Nigeria) and harmattan season is slowly ebbing away yet you can make the Plaid Trend work in 2018.Plaid Jacket 2018

For this look, I ditched an inner shirt or tee and wore my plaid jacket alone. Rather than button up because of the heat, I cinched the jacket with a brown statement belt. This helps to keep things in check while giving my look a different vibe.

IMG-20180105-WA0013 (2)

Belted jackets were also a thing in 2017 and it’s something I’ll love to stay in 2018.Plaid Jacket 2018

While putting this look together, I opted for the easy route, Yes! Denim.

Denim pants practically work with anything so it sure was the best option. You can also go for pants made from lightweight fabric if you can’t stand the heat.

Plaid jackets are super versatile and here's an easy way to style them! Click To Tweet

IMG-20180105-WA0203 (2)

I paired this outfit with the newest addition to my footwear collection and my trusty vintage satchel. Jewelry and accessories were equally kept minimal so as not to draw attention away from my jacket.

IMG-20180105-WA0165 (2)

Did you also notice how I’m mixing prints in this outfit? If you see it let me know. That’s another way to style plaid – Try the mixed prints route!

This outfit is totally something you can wear to work or a social event depending on your workplace and personal style choices.

For your style inspiration…

IMG-20180105-WA0188 (2)

IMG-20180105-WA0176 (2)IMG-20180105-WA0160 (2)


Plaid jacket – Thrift market| Denim pants – Thrift market| Pumps – C.Label Footwear, Thrift market | Statement Belt – My Mom’s Closet | Vintage Satchel – Gift | Jewelry &Accessories – DIYs and Random purchases

For more plaid style inspiration, follow me on Pinterest, I have a whole board dedicated to the Plaid Trend.

Major thanks to Benita Ijeh for coming through with these pictures. It was a really sunny day but we made it work.

What’s your take on this look?

How would you restyle the plaid trend in 2018?

I’ll love to read your thoughts.

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25 thoughts on “How To Restyle the Plaid Trend in 2018

  1. Lmao!!!! Ella ooo kuku kee me nah! I took the pictures in a familiar environment plus it was less populated. I’m improving though but we can’t change the name, at least not yet. You should totally restyle your jacket. I hope you’ve been inspired by this post. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  2. I only had 1 plaid shirt which was stolen two years ago. Now I want it back😭. P.S, this is my first time seeing your hair in a protective style. I’d gotten familiar with your natural crown. Love love the hair!

  3. Babe do you know that somewhere in my head I ad already style this plaid shirt almost like you did here. Lol, people would now start thinking that I’m copying you, anyways me gonna do it. I never wore that plaid in 2017 I’m bringing it back in 2018

  4. Hahahah go for it abeg. Like minds act alike. Remember when you wore culottes and a graphic tee during the GTB Fashion weekend and I wore the same thing for the event…LOL! Perhaps this is a sign ooo, shey you’re thinking what I’m thinking. Anyway, I’ll love to see what you come up with. Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment.

  5. I love plaid! I think they are timeless pieces that anyone could have in his/her wardrobe; cos they are never out of style.

    Love the angles of these shots too.
    Benita did a beautiful job capturing this look💗

  6. Yaaaaay ! I’m sorry I’m late to this party but Photo credit !!! ♥
    Totally here for this look ! I love how the statement belt adds some edge to the outfit. I spot prints in your shoes too. Very printastic, only if that’s an actual word.

  7. It’s cool babe! You were like the first to the party sef as per PhotoG. Printastic is definitely a word, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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