The Coolest Way to Style A Fanny Pack in 2020 Who Says Fanny Packs Are Only For NYSC Camp?

Face masks might be the rave of 2020 yet the fanny pack is here to stay!

Fanny pack trend 2020

Fanny packs have always been on the fashion scene dating all the way back to the ’80s. These handy purses also called waist bag, bum bag or belt bag have evolved over the years in different sizes, prints, and designs.

I have never been a huge fan of fanny packs until this year. I have always considered fanny packs an essential item reserved for NYSC camp (A National Youth Service Training In Nigeria)  and Traders.

fanny pack trend 2020

I just never saw myself wearing it as a fashion item. Fast forward to 2018, the fanny pack became a huge fashion trend and everyone including their grandma owned one. With time, my mindset adjusted and I began to see how cute these purses were especially when styled right.

It also didn’t help that Pinterest kept serving me so much fanny pack style inspiration. Whilst scouring the app, I found a number of looks I intend to love to recreate.

Hence, I went thrifting and found a fanny pack that was close enough to what I wanted.

How To Style a Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are a huge part of the alté nineties kid starter pack. After bucket hats and oversized baggy pants.

You can style them with almost anything; dresses, jeans, pants, and skirts.

You can also pair them with sneakers, boots, or really cute heels.

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To style my fanny pack I opted for the alté kid look; baggy pants, oversized shirt, and dad sneakers.

Style Formula

Plaid jacket + Chiffon shirt + Wide-leg pants and Dad sneakers.

The visor wasn’t planned as part of the look but it tied in so why not?

fanny pack trend 2020 style

I’m a huge fan of layering pieces, hence the reason for the plaid jacket previously styled here. I equally love a good pop of color and the jacket checks the box seeing as I’ m wearing an all-black outfit

fanny pack trend 2020 style
fanny pack trend 2020 style

I also jumped on the dad sneakers trend and I love how this gave me that alte chic vibe. This is a really casual and simple outfit that you can pull off easily.

If you aren’t a fan of layering you can totally ditch the jacket.

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Another way I see myself styling this is with a slogan t-shirt (you know I’m a sucker for these) and a denim jacket thrown across my shoulders.

More photos below:

fanny pack trend 2020 style
fanny pack trend 2020 style

Outfit Details

Plaid Jacket – Thrifted | Shirt – Thrifted | Pants – Thrifted | Fanny Pack – Thrifted | Belt – Thrifted| Visor – New, Ogba Market | Dad Sneakers Karsoletti

PhotographySeyi Ragba

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