The Complete Guide To Styling A Colored Blazer Without Looking Like A Traffic Light

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The blazer is a timeless fashion item that can never go out of style. I for one consider it a classic, a must-have piece everyone should have in their closet.

The blazer is also quite versatile and can be worn for almost any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you want to dress up or dress down there’s always an occasion to style a blazer.

Going out with bae? Throw on a plain tee, jeans, heels and a colored blazer.

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Heading for a business casual meeting, throw on a blouse, tailored pants, and a structured blazer.

yellow blazer work style

I think you get the drift.

In this post, I show you how to style a colored blazer in three chic ways. I purchased this yellow blazer with polka dot accents sometime in 2018 and I’ve managed to style it in more ways than one. 

A few years ago I used to shy away from bright colors, however, I’ve found the light and taken steps to live colorfully because this life is fleeting.

Styling colorful pieces can be quite tricky because one wrong move and you end up looking like a rainbow.

However, if you carefully pick your pieces you can pull off a bomb look.

1. Pair a colored blazer with jeans

This is the easiest way to style a blazer in my opinion because jeans go with every and anything. Throw on a fitted pair of jeans and heels pair it with a cute clutch purse and voila you are all set for that meeting or date with the girls.

Black woman yellow blazer

How to style a yellow blazer

Yellow blazer

Outfit Details

Yellow Blazer – Thrifted | Skinny Jeans – Thrifted | Black Blouse – Thrifted | Heels – Primark, Thrifted | Purse (Chanel Dupe) – Thrifted

2. Pair a colored blazer with tailored pants.  

Pairing a colored piece with neutrals is a safe way to go. For this look, I wore a white blouse and black tailored pants paired with gray loafers. This is my favorite way to pull up to work on a Monday morning. I work in the creative industry where there are no strict dress codes. 

However, on some days I like to feel like I work in the corporate space and this is the perfect outfit for me to pull that off.  For this look, I’m wearing loafers yet I’d advise you wear heels for that extra classy chic vibe.

Corporate casual blazer

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Yellow blazer style

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black woman Yellow blazer  style

Outfit Details

Yellow Blazer – Thrifted | Black pants – Thrifted | White blouse  – Thrifted | Tasseled Loafers – Thrifted | Dior Purse (Dupe)Shop Bahatti

3. Pair a colored blazer with brightly colored pants.

If you want to go all-out try color blocking. Throw on a colored skirt or pants that pair well with your blazer. You can use the color wheel or search Pinterest for color palettes.

fashion color wheel

Yellow pairs well with green, red, purple, pink, blue, and even orange.

For this look, I chose three of the colors aforementioned to style my blazer. I also sealed it all in with black and gold because you can never go wrong with neutrals and metallics. Color blocking is a great way to make a statement and even though it is not very much in vogue anymore you can still pull it off occasionally.

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Outfit Details

Yellow Blazer – Thrifted | Green pants – Thrifted | Bralette – Thrifted | Kitten Heels – Primark, Thrifted | Dior Purse (Dupe) – Shop Bahatti

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How would you rock a colored blazer?

Which of these styles mostly appeals to you?

I’d love to read from you. 

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