How To Repurpose Your Skincare Products When They Don’t Work For You Thou Shalt Not Be Wasteful

Here's how you can repurpose a skincare product if it doesn't work for you,

Ever purchased a skincare product with high hopes that it will work for you? Only to find out that it didn’t match your skin type or wasn’t going to fix your skin issues.

What did you do next? Toss it in the trash? Keep it at the bottom of your shelf never to be touched again? Resold it or gave it to a friend?

how to repurpose skincare products

Either one you did wasn’t a bad choice except toss it in the trash of course!

This is a NO WASTE ZONE!

So, how can you repurpose a skincare product when next you find yourself in the situation mentioned above.

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I found these useful hacks from Becca Velez of Levitate Beauty – a beauty writer helping people feel confident in their skin.

Watch the video below and feel free to share it with others.

How do you repurpose your skincare products?

What other beauty hacks have you tried so far?

I’d love to read from you!

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