Here’s How You Can Get Better Skin In One Week ...Introducing the 7-day skincare challenge

“I’m breaking out badly what can I use for my acne?”
“My skin is really oily, how can I control it?”
“I have dark spots and acne scars how can I fade them”?
“I want to start a skincare routine but I have no idea where to start?”

Every week I get a number of direct messages asking me the above questions and it is safe to conclude that many really people want to take better care of their skin.

However, with so much information and skincare products available it can be very confusing and damaging too if you buy every single product the internet suggests.

For this reason, I decided to put together the 7-day glow up challenge.

 What is the 7-day glow up challenge you ask?

It is a beginner-friendly guide to starting the journey to healthy skin.

 What it is not.

This challenge is not a master class neither is it a quick fix to all your skincare issues.

 Who is the 7-day glow up challenge for?

This challenge is for any and everyone who is looking to take skincare seriously. Men, women, and all other genders are welcome to join!

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Who isn’t it for

The 7-day glow up the challenge is not for impatient people or people who have been dealing with serious skincare issues that require expert help.

What should you expect?

1. Simple skincare guide + ingredients and product recommendations

2. answers to your skincare questions from two certified skincare experts because a girl doesn’t know it all.

3. Where to shop for products

4. Skincare myths and truths

5. Daily skincare challenges to help you stay consistent

6. Giveaways and other freebies!

Healthy skincare challenge flyer

Where would it hold?

A closed WhatsApp group with a maximum of 20 participants. This gives enough room to attend to everyone individually.

 When would it hold?

The 7-day glow up challenge would run from October 12th to 18th, 2020.

What would it cost?

A daily investment of N500 for 7 days which is approximately N3,500. The first 5 people to pay to get 500 off. Early bird discount ends on October 5th,2020

How do I sign up?

Register here or send me a private message on all social platforms handle is @wanshygirl

So, I ask once again, Are you ready to take your skin from zero to hundred? The year 2020 might be almost over yet the GLOW MUST GO ON!

Feel free to share this post with anyone who might be interested. 

If you’ll also like to gift a friend a slot by all means do so.





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