I Tried Korean Food for the first time Ever! – Here’s How It Went Down. Hua Han Korean Restaurant Review


I recently took a trip to Hua Han – a Korean/Chinese restaurant tucked away in the heart of Ikeja, GRA. Read all about my experience.


The Genesis

I can’t exactly explain why? However, all my restaurant hopping plans always start from Twitter. A good example is my visit to Ocean’s Basket – one of the finest seafood restaurants in Lagos. You can read all about my visit here.

So, back to Hua Han, on this fine day, I had an epiphany, some sort of revelation that I needed to go out unwind and spoil somebody’s child rotten.

Yep! My taste buds were equally craving something new because face it, I was already tired of the usual Rice, Pasta, French fries, and Chicken plus Burger combo. A sister wanted something more and a sister was definitely ready to get it!

Early in the year, I had told myself I was going to try Asian cuisine in every form possible and from different countries as well. I had tried Chinese food a few times so I said to myself why not take it up a notch. When I think Asian I think Indian, Thailand, Japanese, and of course Korean.

I had my eyes on Gypsy’s, an Indian restaurant located at Ilupeju, However each time I made plans to visit something always came up, this year the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and all plans were kept on hold.

Fast forward to October 2020, my cravings for Asian food were stirred up once again and I decided to hunt for somewhere much closer to myself. Mind you I discovered a small Chinese takeout spot (Mandarin 01) very close to my area, yet I wanted something more.

As usual, I did some googling and this Korean/Chinese restaurant kept popping up. After reading a couple of reviews, I decided to take my findings to Twitter, because that’s where the real review is at.

I asked:

The replies:

Everyone had amazing things to say and I knew I had to check it out myself! No one mentioned pricing or the menu so I did some more digging and realized it was an experience worth splurging for.


After making some plans, I decided to visit on a Sunday, a day when I was relaxed and not swimming in work. Earlier in the week, I had reached out to the restaurant via telephone and on their Instagram page to find out if they opened on Sundays however I didn’t get any response.

No one picked my calls and no one replied to my DMs. I was lowkey pissed about this, yet the online reviews and the cute pictures I had seen on the internet held me back from changing my mind.

To make the experience much more fun, I visited with my baby girl, Jemimah.


We arrived at about 7 pm in the evening, the plan was to visit in the afternoon, still, Sunday was lowkey busy and we ended up leaving the house late.

Here's What To Expect At Hua Han – a Korean/Chinese restaurant tucked away in the heart of Ikeja GRA. Click To Tweet


Hua Han Korean/Chinese restaurant is located in the heart of Ikeja GRA at 45C Sobo Arobiodu Street. Our cab driver couldn’t locate the place immediately because it’s somewhat hidden. The map brought him to a stop at Ripples – a bar also located in GRA before we were directed to the right place.


HUA HAN is right after the roundabout (use a map and ask for directions you’re sure to get it).

Okay before we go deeper, I’m not much of a food/restaurant reviewer so don’t fault my writing style. I’m simply telling it as it is.

For the rest of the review I’ll be focusing on the following pillars:

  • Ambiance
  • Customer service
  • Food menu
  • The food itself (& drinks too!)
  • Price
  • and our Experience overall
Hua Han Korean Restaurant is a beautiful and cozy spot located in the heart of Ikeja GRA! Read about my experience here. Click To Tweet


As mentioned earlier, I had seen a couple of pictures and videos on the internet, hence I had a mental picture of what the place looked like. However, seeing it IRL was much more surreal.

HUA HAN is a really colorful and pretty space, with lots of flowers, art, brightly colored furniture, and paintings. It also has this really pretty garden, I believe they sell plants as well.


I didn’t take that many pictures but I’ll be sharing videos on my Instagram later on, so follow me and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss it when I do.

Customer service

From the minute we walked in, we had someone usher us into the restaurant and sat us at a table. Once settled at our table a waiter handed us the menu, waited for us to decide (trust me making a decision was hard, I’ll explain shortly), and eventually took our orders.


I also appreciate that the restaurant was COVID compliant as every staff member was wearing a face mask and we were required to do a temperature check at the door before entering.

Food Menu

Okay so you know how your regular restaurant menus come in like brochure or flyer style, well Hua Han’s menu was totally different. First, off they have two menus; a Korean and Chinese menu because duh they serve both cuisines.


Secondly, each menu is as thick as a textbook. No cap! It was quite descriptive though and equally filled with mouth-watering images of the food. They also had a drink menu which was much simpler. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures only short videos, so look out for that on my Instagram.

The menu was divided into categories from seafood to beef, pork, and vegetarian dishes. There was also a section for barbecue and soups. I believe the Chinese menu also had a section for noodles. Pardon me as I don’t exactly remember anymore, also there was a lot to choose from.


Anyway, we decided to try one Korean dish and one Chinese dish to have a feel of both. Initially, I was only going to do strictly Korean however the Korean menu had a lot of fish and squid and all that seafood and I wasn’t ready to go all in. So much for wanting to try something different lol.

I would have easily chosen the barbecue option seeing as we would get to make the meal ourselves right there and then, yet at that point, we were so hungry we decided to choose something else. Also, I think the price put me off.


Okay, long story short, we settled for their Pork Sauce, Chinese noodles, Steamed Rice, and Fish Stir Fry & Octopus Sauce. For drinks, we went with the safest option – Chapman.

I tried Octopus meat for the first time in my life time. Read all about my experience here! Click To Tweet

P.S – I can’t exactly remember the names of the meal listed on the menu. Kindly bear with me.

The food itself (& drinks too!)

The reviews did not lie at all!!!!! The portions were large (even though it was the medium portion we ordered for) and the food was really tasty even the Octopus sauce lol.


Backstory on the Octopus: My friend Jemimah has been trying to get her tongue on some Octopus meat ever since we tried Snake meat last year. Watch that VLOG here. However, life happened and she didn’t get the chance to. Imagine her excitement when she saw Octopus sauce on the menu, my girl went for it straight up.

hua han korean resturant review

I didn’t enjoy it as much, mainly because the accompanying pasta was a cold dish. It was all very new to me, to be frank, yet it wasn’t bad.

I thoroughly enjoyed the noodles, it was Chinese noodles after all- a dish I was accustomed to, I also loved the Pork sauce; this was my first time eating pork and it wasn’t bad at all.


The sauce was sweet and spicy and a great add-on to my noodles. The steamed rice was regular white rice and it was only after we had ordered we realized it wasn’t necessary because the portions were large fam.


The Price

Hmmm…the big P. Prior to visiting I knew we were going to spend some schmoneyyy, From the reviews I had seen the average spend was generally N30,000 plus hence I set my budget at N30,000.


Thankfully we ended up spending N20,000 naira plus this includes the price of food, drinks, takeaway pack, VAT and service charges. Here’s a rough break down:

  • Chinese noodles: N3,600
  • Pork Sauce: N4,700
  • Octopus Sauce: N5,500
  • Steamed Rice: N800
  • Chapman (x2): N3,000
  • Takeaway pack: N200
  • 10% service charge: N1785
  • 7.5% VAT – N1339
  • 5% LST Tax: 893

This brings us to a total of N21,817, I can’t seem to account for N250 naira now that I’ve done my maths however the bill we were given states N22,067.

Sidebar: Now playing Davido x Something Fishy

I really have to take a look into this. I will update this post once this is cleared.

Overall Experience & Things I’d Like To Change

My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at HuaHan Lagos, the food was amazing, the ambiance was out of this world and the staff was cordial. One waiter even help take our photos.


However, I’d love it if all charges were included in the price of the food, yet seeing as some meals are already pricey I don’t exactly know how that would work. Also given the fact that the government constantly taxes businesses without mercy I can’t fully blame them for the surcharges.


I really want some transparency though dass all. Like why was the bill handwritten and not computerized and why was food lumped as one? I would rather a breakdown of each dish.

Again, I don’t do this restaurant thing often so I’m not exactly sure how things work, however the other day when I visited Soul Food restaurant, they deducted VAT separately so I guess VAT is a constant however service charge and Local Service Tax? I need clarity. If you are a restaurant hopper or have knowledge of Finance and Law I’d appreciate your input on this.

I also can’t figure out what the missing N250 was spent on, I’m really hoping there is no foul play going on. Welp!


Overall, I’d rate my experience a 7/10. I hope to visit again for the Korean Barbecue experience. If I’m feeling up to it, I should also try their seafood menu. Some people (Korean drama fanatics) also suggested I try Kimchi and Soju drink so that’s on the list as well.

Hua Han Korean/Chinese restaurant is a chill spot in the heart of GRA and you should definitely visit someday.


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Now it’s your turn?

Ever visited HUA HAN Korean/Chinese restaurant? If yes, what was your experience like?

Which other Asian restaurants in Lagos would you suggest I visit? I’d really love your recommendations.

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6 thoughts on “I Tried Korean Food for the first time Ever! – Here’s How It Went Down. Hua Han Korean Restaurant Review

  1. No cap
    This is the most detailed blog post I have read.
    You even shared receipts 🤗

    To other blog readers : Stay away from Soju and any other drink apart from Chapman, if you don’t drink alcohol.


  2. Thank you for this in-depth review!
    Those portions look really good and big. I can imagine that you guys were not able to finish the food. If you could do more reviews like this, I’d appreciate it.

  3. Now, you got me all excited to try the food. I’ll definitely be going for the Korean dishes. The Service charge and LST (Lagos state consumption tax) is a regular for fine dining. First time I came across it was at Terrakulture about 3 years ago but I’m now used to it, lol.

  4. Hi Seyi, thank you so much for reading my review and sharing your feedback. I really appreciate your support and very well noted on Soju drink lol.

  5. Hey Zino, thanks for taking out the time to read my review and also leaving a comment. I appreciate your support, mehn the service charge shock me ooo lol but we move! You should totally consider visiting.

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