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A quick introduction…

About Me

My name is Ebun but I go by the alias WanShyGirl (pronounced /one:shy: girl/). I’m a Digital content creator residing in Lagos, Nigeria – one of the largest cities in West Africa. My interest in writing and sharing my personal experiences led me to start this blog in 2015.


The Blog

Founded in 2015, December 22nd to be precise, the WanShyGirl blog is a platform that I use to talk about any and everything. A vast majority of my content is focused on my personal style, life as a millennial, travel experiences, skincare journey, and other relatable life experiences.


Discover chic and stylish ways to look amazing for less while maximizing your wardrobe. If you are big on thrifted fashion you’ll surely have a field day.




Learn how to take your skin from zero to hundred by following the basic rules. Also, get firsthand reviews of affordable skincare products, ingredients, and brands.



Take a trip with me as I explore places in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

grocery store photoshoot nigeria

Work With Me

If you’d like me to review a product or create content (written and visual) for your brand please shoot me an email – wanshygirl@gmail.com.

You can also connect with me via social media it’s @wanshygirl on all platforms.

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